Player List for WordPress

I’m searching for a player list plugin for wordpress or a way to show mp3 in a list inside a post. Basically is to embed a player that is getting the audio from the library of wordpress, like a gallery. The first result searching for a “player list wordpress” is:–cms-32300 I’ve also come across … Read more

Tags Implementation Strategy

Para sustituir a Google Analytics por Tag Manager solo hace falta crear una etiqueta en Tag Manager que envíe las páginas visitadas a Google Analytics El Tag es del tipo Universal Analytics y lo que queremos enviar es la visita a una página, un Page View. Ahora solo nos falta el disparador, o trigger. Éste … Read more

Google Analytics and Firebase

2019 The End of Google Analytics SDK for mobile Now that you can no longer use the Google Analytics SDK for Android, we only have Firebase for Android. October 2019: This is the date on which the Analytics SDK for Android will stop working. Impact: No more Google Analytics to see Firebase screen views and … Read more